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PanelClaw | As a leader in mounting solutions for PV solar systems, PanelClaw's extensive customer base is responsible for over 400 MW of installed photovoltaic systems around the world. Our mission is to deliver mounting and balance-of-system solutions to accelerate the adoption of PV worldwide.

There is a great story behind every great business.
The idea of PanelClaw was born in 2007, when an installer and a building owner came together to promote the concept of photovoltaic systems on building rooftops. In their first attempt at meeting this goal, they failed: They could not find a single mounting system that satisfied their safety requirements as roof owners. Systems on the market didn’t make the cut because they were labor-intensive and time-consuming to install. Too much time and weight on the roof equaled too much risk. It immediately became clear: to meet their own demands, they must develop their own, better system. To do this, they needed the best engineer. And so a dedicated engineer, an individual that had designed the solar panel mounting on the Hubble telescope, joined the pair.

It quickly became evident that their initial goal to promote PV on rooftops, would be more than a concept. The success story behind PanelClaw makes this clear in an impressive way. Since the launch of Polar Bear® in 2008 PanelClaw has deployed more than 350 megawatts on flat roofs and outdoor systems across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Today we are proud to say that Fortune 100 companies, Ivy League Schools, the nation’s top big box retailers, and public landfill sites are among the hundreds of customers utilizing PanelClaw’s mounting systems to boost energy costs savings and further its dedication to environmental stewardship.

As our company continues to grow, our values stay true to that first day in 2007. Together with our team of engineers, account managers, designers and inventors, we support our customers as problem solvers in the field of photovoltaics.

We want to ensure that photovoltaics can make a safe, reliable, and grand contribution to the global energy supply. And we commit ourselves to this goal every day. Our employees are constantly asking, 'How do we make this smarter, more reliable, and easier to install?' We consider all of these factors, and more, for our partners, so they can focus on bringing more solar to more people.

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