Grizzly Bear Flat Roof Mounting System

Grizzly Bear® is an environmentally-friendly ballasted solar mounting solution for commercial flat roof applications. Featuring just three components and significant factory pre-assembly, Grizzly Bear simplifies array construction.

Integrated Ballast

Expedites installation.



• Maximize array construction speed with integrated ballast

• 5,000-psi Portland type II or III cement with air entrainment; A653 G90 galvanized


• Multiple mounting holes for wavy roof friendliness

• Built-in recycled rubber roof protection pads for rapid installation

• Available with optional South Supports for a streamlined look on south-facing

  array edges


3 Components

Support, Deflector, Claw.



• Integrated ballast with pre-installed recycled rubber roof protection pad
• PEM studs for easy wind deflector installation
• Stainless steel fastener kit with just two nut and bolt sizes

• 5052 H32 corrosion-resistant aluminum or A653 G90 galvanized steel
• Curved edges to facilitate safe installation and protect the roof from damage
• Lightweight construction for easy handling

• 6061-T6 corrosion-resistant aluminum
• Factory-installed module-mounting stainless steel screw
• Serrated design to increase clamping power

Advanced Roof Protection

Facilitate roofing manufacturer approvals.




Integrated Roof Protection Pads - Factory-installed pads to reduce installation times and deliver superior roof protection

A-thermalized Wind Deflector - Slotted design allows one end of each deflector to expand and contract freely preventing the accumulation of thermal forces

Non rail-based Design - Minimizes the accumulation of thermal forces across the array


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