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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lowell turns former landfill into lucrative solar venture with Panda Bear ground mount system

With municipalities seeking additional, creative ways to leverage underperforming assets to turn wasted space into a town asset, there has never been a more opportune time to develop PV on landfill sites. Electricity produced by a solar PV system can generate new revenues and provide protection against volatile energy prices.

However, installing solar PV projects on landfill sites gives rise to specific design and construction considerations. Challenges associated with developing PV on these sites include cap restrictions and maintaining the integrity of the landfill cap, weight and load limits, topography and slope.

PanelClaw's Panda Bear® ballasted system is specifically designed for landfill and brown field applications. The system is ballasted and includes a highly distributed, low platform load designed protect landfill caps and accommodate minor settlement. Its Support components are equipped with features to address uneven terrain and ground undulations, including an adjustable post to address variations in surface height and a ballast try that conforms to the ground slope. With Panda Bear, installers have extensive in-field options, further boosting installation speed and overall project efficiency.

The Lowell landfill site is in Massachusetts, a state where PV on landfills is on the rise. There are over 25 operational and under construction renewable energy landfill sites and, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, another 42 landfill renewable energy project that have received approval in just the last two years.

Panda Bear can be seen below in this aerial photo of the Lowell landfilll. Read full article >

lowell landfill

An aerial view of the 6,000 solar panels at the former landfill off Westford Street in Lowell. The panels are expected to help the city save $1.5 million to $2.5 million on energy bills each year of the 20-year contract. COURTESY PHOTO 

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