Panda Bear Ballasted Ground Mount Racking System

Panda Bear is a ballasted racking system ideal for landfill and brownfield applications. Its streamlined construction features are designed for properties with poor soil conditions.

  • No drilling or digging
  • Accommodates uneven terrain
  • Minimizes pounds per square feet 
Panda Bear 

Landfill Case Study

Ideal for landfill sites.



Adams Landfill, 1.1 MW - Owned by Tecta Solar

The array is constructed on the capped landfill on East Road in Adams. Panda Bear, a ballasted solution, was used in this project to prevent puncturing the cap. Panda Bear is selected for landfill projects given its key attributes:

  • Low (7-12 PSF), evenly distributed platform loads
  • Support adjustability allows for aesthetic maintenance in cases of differential settling
  • No piles or drilling required


Non-penetrating Support

Light-weight construction.



Accommodates Uneven Terrain

Pivoting ballast pan to adapt to changes in terrain

Multiple mounting holes to accommodate various module widths and inter-row spacing adjustments

Adjustable posts provide +/-3" height range in 1" increments - accommodating changes in ground height over time

Brackets connect rows with a single screw, allowing the system to adapt to localized slopes +/- 20 degrees




The Claw





• UL 2703 certified for electric bonding and grounding

• Factory-installed module-mounting stainless steel screw

• Serrated design to increase clamping power

Made for Unusable Land

Engineered to site conditions.



Non-penetrating - Minimal ground prep, with no heavy equipment required

Engineering support - Ballast and array layouts, permit packages, and geotechnical evaluation and soil analysis

Fully ballasted - Off-the-shelf concrete blocks enable even weight distribution

Ready to install - No on-site metal cutting or drilling



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