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Partnership | Our focus on partnership is driven by one simple objective: to save our partners time and money by looking beyond component cost. We understand that for every penny of cost removed, more market opportunities open up for our partners. This way of thinking drives PanelClaw to pull on all market levers within reach. The entire PanelClaw team is behind you to help you win in this highly competitive and rapidly evolving market.

Lowest Installation and Lifecycle Cost - Achieve cost targets through our relentless attack on project costs and on-going cost reduction product roadmap and partner initiatives.

Codes and Standards for Higher Quality at Lower Cost - Improve quality and shorten test cycles through PanelClaw's mounting product certification under UL 2703 and our Intertek-certified, SATELLITE™ test lab.

Installation Rate Guarantee - Expect to realize fast installation times. PanelClaw guarantees the time required to install its flat roof products for all first-time partners.

More Roof Top Project Options - Deliver lower-weight ballasted systems through the use of PanelClaw's extensive wind tunnel data, even with challenging jurisdictions such as California DSA and the City of Los Angeles DBS.

Commercial Sector Securitization - Accelerate deal velocity through the creation of uniform credit screen standards for commercial and industrial PV projects. PanelClaw is a founding member of truSolar™ working group.

Shared Industry Network of Connections - Gain a faster route to market with our established industry relationships. Link to module manufacturers, utilities, finance providers, third-party engineering firms, and permit authorities.

Business Savvy Sales Team - Experience our consultative business practices and regular 360° business reviews to identify and vet new business opportunities in the market place.

Service | Our focus on service is driven by one simple objective: to save our partners time and money by taking care of all the little details. We understand that for every barrier removed, our partners can spend more time on new opportunities. The entire PanelClaw team is behind you to provide A to Z project support.

Hands-on Support - Get project approval with our Applications Engineers who will work with you as one-on-one consultants.

Unlimited Design Support - Explore the right design layout until it best suits your project requirements. PanelClaw does not charge for a project layout or design revisions.

Full Technical Documentation Package - Ease the permitting process with a permit-ready package of stamped wind and seismic calculations, structural code calculations, design layouts, and validated testing data.

Professional Engineering (PE) Stamps - Validate layouts with our third-party PE wind and seismic stamp services offered for projects located anywhere in the United States.

Certified Installer Network - Take advantage of highly skilled construction crews specifically trained to install PanelClaw mounting systems.

Simplified Freight - Better plan and control project costs with flat rate shipping for flat roof projects located within the 48 contiguous United States.

Technical Library - Access the most current testing data, product development, and engineering expertise from our Technical Library of information resources to support your PV solar project development. 

Easy to Work With - Work with a single point of contact for time-saving and cost-saving project management, including the flexibility to change your system's design and shipping date at any time.


Reliability | Our focus on reliability is driven by one simple objective: to save our partners time and money by providing quality products. We understand that better quality reduces risk and makes it easier for our partners to obtain project financing and win projects. The entire PanelClaw team is behind you to protect your reputation and sharpen your competitive edge.

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Independent Certification - Gain trusted validation through our third-party review process with engineering firms, licensed professional and structural engineers, and leading certification organizations.

Testing Program - Rely on our data-driven test program that conducts thousands of wind tunnel tests, advanced analysis techniques, and in-field testing to produce safe systems that will outperform the anticipated life of any project.

Innovation and Testing Laboratory - Ensure your projects are built with high quality, safe PV systems. All PanelClaw products undergo UL 2703 certification and module approval with our on-site, Intertek-certified, SATELLITE™ test lab.

Experience and Track Record - Leverage our experience from hundreds of megawatts installed on thousands of projects with many of the largest utilities, developers and contractors in the industry.

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