Reliability | Quality without cutting corners and the data to back it up.

While reliability is a word that is often thrown around the industry, at PanelClaw we put the weight of our company behind it. To date, none of our products have ever recorded a failure, even in a hurricane. With a global network spanning 300 partners/customers worldwide, over 90% return again to work with us, project after project.



Testing Program

Through collaboration with top engineers, technicians, and installers PanelClaw develops the next generation of solar mounting solutions by founding its design on testing and data. We begin with state-of-the-art 3D design and simulation software packages, and employ advanced analysis techniques like Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Elements Analysis. Every PanelClaw mounting product undergoes wind tunnel testing. PanelClaw has conducted thousands of wind-tunnel test runs at top international laboratories. After refinements from the wind-tunnel data, we construct full-size commercial prototypes, which are submitted to extensive in-field testing.



The PanelClaw Innovation and Testing Laboratory performs UL 2703 testing for product certification. PanelClaw was the first solar mounting system manufacturer to receive qualification as an Intertek SATELLITE™ program and accelerate the approval of existing and new modules for use with its solar mounting systems.  


Independent Certification

In addition to independent wind tunnel testing we work with third-party engineering firms, licensed professional and structural engineers, and leading laboratories and certification organizations, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), to ensure that the highest safety and reliability design standards are met.

What it Means

At PanelClaw every design goes through extensive engineering analysis and modeling, followed by wind tunnel and in-field testing, prior to commercial release. By designing weakness out of the system we are able to lower the up-front costs of projects and reduce the risk of unplanned changes in the future.

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