Polar Bear III Flat Roof Mounting System

Polar Bear® III offers a straight-forward roof mount design that combines must-have roof protection, accelerated construction and product lifetime reliability into a single platform solution.

Three Major Components

Support, Ballast Tray, Claw.



• Light-weight, easy to handle Supports
• Integrated recycled rubber roof protection pads

Ballast Tray
• Angled fit with end tab to securely capture ballast

• Universal component to secure module to support
• Attaches to module at module mounting hole

Flexible Roof Layouts

Increase power density



• Single module layout allows for full utilization of roof top space

• Non-rail system design accommodates roof obstructions

• Ballast Tray length options allow system to roll over ridges

• Tight-row spacing option maximizes number of modules on the roof

Accelerated Construction

Protect against construction risk



Light-weight design - One person can carry and layout many Support components at once

Factory pre-assembly - Integrated roof pads and Ballast Tray mounting to speed construction

Dense packaging - Limited amount of pallets to unload and less packing to dispose

Wire management - Built-in wiring options with no sharp edges

Trusted Roof Integrity

Advanced roof protection



Integrated roof protection - Mechanically attached roof pads to protect roof membrane from potential damage

Reduce water pooling - Support components raised from the roof that allow free water flow

Fully captured ballast blocks - Ballast Trays with angled fit and end tabs to safeguard against movement

No sharp contact edges - Smooth edges reduce risk to roof punctures and potential electrical shorts





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