Polar Bear East/West Flat Roof Mounting System

Polar Bear East/West provides an east/west orientation of the solar power system.
With superior aerodynamics there is no need for a separate wind deflector component. Polar Bear East/West inherits the same light-weight design (~3-6 psf array platform load) of its innovative, product brother, Polar Bear®, while delivering increased power density.

• Fit more modules on the roof

Two components facilitates straight-forward assembly and installation

• Consistent production of energy throughout the day

2 Major Components

Straight-forward assembly.



 polarbear eastwest components

• Multiple mounting holes for wavy roof friendliness
• Integrated recycled roof protection pads

• Factory-installed stainless steel screw to attach module
• UL 2703 certified for electric bonding and grounding

Advanced Roof Protection

Facilitate roofing manufacturer approvals.




Integrated Roof Protection Pads - Factory-installed pads to reduce installation times and deliver superior roof protection

A-thermalized Wind Deflector - Slotted design allows one end of each deflector to expand and contract freely preventing the accumulation of thermal forces

Non rail-based Design - Minimizes the accumulation of thermal forces across the array

Optimized Power Density

Fit more modules on your roof.




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