Sun Bear Fixed Tilt Ground Mount Racking System

The Sun Bear® ground-mount system is not your traditional ground-mount system. 
Just take a look— you'll recognize that the Sun Bear design sets a new standard in the market, from its distinct truss structure to its streamlined use of materials.

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Installation Simplicity

4 components, 3 tools, 0 loose fasteners.



Four-component design includes pre-assembled components and zero loose fastners to simplify installation process.

Four components - Foundation, Frame, Strut, and Claw

Three installation tools - 3/4" wrench and socket; 1/4" drive socket; 1-1/8" wrench

Zero loose fasteners - All fasteners are preinstalled into respective components

Foundation Tolerance

Eliminate in-field rework.




Proper placement of foundations is critical for any well-built solar racking system.
The Sun Bear Foundation design provides ultimate placement flexibility.

Foundation location tolerance allows the interface keyholes to be within an inscribed cylinder that is 12" diameter and 6" high and +/- 10 degrees yaw range.

Continuous Grounding Path

End of row grounding.




ETL Classified under UL 2703 - All components are positively connected via clamping and spot welding.

Table to Table Grounding Path - Frames are electrically connected through shared foundations providing a grounding path between tables.

Reduced Grounding Material and Labor - Eliminates large quantities of copper and electrical labor to conduct grounding.

Certified Installer Program

Installation assurance.




High Quality and Efficient Installations
The PanelClaw Certified Installer Program connects solar PV system developers with highly skilled solar construction crews specifically trained to install Sun Bear. Certified installers are qualified by PanelClaw to perform the following services:

• Site pull test and foundation design verification
• Foundation and racking installation
• Module mounting
• Compliance with Quality Assurance program

To learn more about joining or using a Certified Installer on your next project:

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